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Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS) is essential for the growing of young axolotls. BBS is a tiny creature ideal for the small mouths of new born axolotls.

BBS is made in salt water so it is essential that this is rinsed with fresh water to rid it of all the salt otherwise you will kill all your hatchlings, but I will explain that later.

1. First get am old plastic 2L drinks bottle and give it a good rinse out with hot water.

2. Make a hole in the neck of the bottle for the air hose to fit

3. Make a hole in the cap as this will release any pressure that can happen

4. Get some air hose about 0.5 meter in length and add the straw to it

5. Insert the straw and hose in through the neck hole of the bottle

6. Fill the bottle 3/4 full with tap water

7. Add some dechlorinator to the water

8. Connect your airhose to the airpump and switch it on

9. Add a heaped tablespoon of sea salt to the water and let it dissolve

10. Add a teaspoon of BBS eggs to the water

11. Shake the bottle gently so all eggs are in the water and mixing well.

12. Get a table lamp and shine it at your bottle, the closer the better as light and heat is essential for them to hatch and grow. The light must stay on for the full time it takes to hatch and harvest.

13. Depending on the heat you can expect the hatching process to take from 15-48 hours. The warmer the water the faster they hatch.

14. Once the water has all turned orange (usually at least 15 hours later) that means you have some live BBS swimming about.

15. Turn off your air pump and let things settle for at least 10-20 minutes.

16. Make sure your straw is at the bottom of the bottle and connect the syringe to the end of the airhose. Once this is done you can suck out the BBS. You want the orange BBS at the bottom of the bottle, NOT the discarded shells from the top.

17. Place the BBS you sucked out into a clean plastic container

18. If you have a BBS net, pair of tights, or coffee filter you can pour the BBS into this and strain the salted water away. Rinse a few times with fresh dechlorinated water.

19. Now you have the fresh live clean BBS you can now feed it to your new born hatchlings. You will see them eat it and their stomachs turning orange.

20. You can now empty the bottle out and start all over again from stage 6.

Please Note: It is essential you rinse the Live BBS several times to get rid of any salt residue. Otherwise you will kill your babies
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