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For a Axolotl to survive healthy there are some simple things you can do

1. Always use a water declorinator, I recommend Nutrafin AquaPlus Water Conditioner (its been rebranded as Fluval but still called AquaPlus and has a blue cap. But make sure it is that kind only. Do NOT use a product that has a stress coat in it as that is bad for Axolotls. Although AquaPlus has stress coat in it, this product does not harm the Axolotl and is Axolotl safe.

2. Do not use a filter as Axolotls like still water and any moving water can stress them.

3. Do not use a heater, Axolotls are a cold water amphibian so room temp or cooler is required.

4. Do not use lights on your tank or tub. Just use natural light and keep away from direct sunlight. Axolotls  do not have eyelids so any bright light is bad for them.

5. Axolotls get spooked easily so do not do any sudden movements near them, walk up gently to them is the best option.  If the room is in darkness and you switch on your lights can spook them so try and switch another light on in your home and gently light the room they are in for a few minutes so they get used to it then switch on your main light.

6. Talk to your Axolotl and give it attention it will like that. They can see you and will get to know you and  although they cannot hear you they can detect the vibrations and seem to appreciate it.

7. Axolotls poo a lot and most of the time it is a solid lump so easy to scoop out with a net but sometimes it is broken up and lay on the bottom of the tank. This is not a major problem, you can get away with a week or two without changing the water.

8. I recommend manually changing the water every few weeks, its easy to do and will explain more if you ask.

9. Axolotls do like their dorsal fin or head gently stroked on occasions, but remember they are fully aquatic so you cannot take it out and play with it.

10. NEVER use gravel or pebbles in your tank, this can be fatal to Axolotls as they can eat it. If an axolotl eats gravel or pebbles it gets impacted in their stomach and become unable to poo it out and suffer pain and eventually death.  

To see what happens to an axolotl that eats gravel/pebbles Click Here.
Axolotl Welfare
Remember Axolotls are NOT fish so do not treat them like one
Is it a Fish? NO,   Is it a Reptile? NO,   Is it a Tadpole? NO......What is it?, It's an Axolotl
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