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Food is essential for a healthy pet. Your axolotl when it is new born will eat tiny Daphnia but Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS) is the best option as its is small enough for them to eat and is easy for the hatchlings to find. At this stage they can only sense things by movement so all food must be alive.

Until they grow their front legs they require BBS but when the legs are grown at the front they have the ability to smell food so can be fed frozen or live Bloodworms which can be hand fed to them or left in the container for them to find as they are able to smell food dead or alive.

Once they have grown all four legs and are a decent size you can try feeding then cut up small earth worms which is their favourite and best food for them but you can still feed them bloodworms frozen or alive too.

As they turn into adults you can feed them Bloodworms, Earthworms, Small Crickets, Flies or even Wax Worms. But their main food should be earthworms from now on.

NEVER feed them mealworms as their shell is too hard for the Axolotl to ingest plus as its alive it can eat its way out through the stomach and severely injure or even kill your Axolotls.

But the best thing to feed them from now on is earthworms, they have all the nutrients they require.

I recommend getting your worms from as they are very reliable company.
Buy the Denbrobaena worms only. Other types have a nasty taste and excrete a yucky slime that Axolotls hate and will spit them out and not eat them.
Food for your Axolotl
Remember Axolots are NOT fish so do not treat them like one
Is it a Fish? NO,   Is it a Reptile? NO,   Is it a Tadpole? NO......What is it?, It's an Axolotl
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