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The mating dance of the male axolotl is quite facinating to watch, they are so tender in the way they perform it and can be a pleasure to watch.

You will notice that the area between they rear legs swells up a lot and it is extremely red, it looks like he has a prolapse anal region but is not that at all. His gills get bright red and the veins are visible in his tail.

After dancing away for a while he will then drop his sperm packets, these are jelly triangular objects with what looks like a white bean inside.

The female will then swim over the sperm and she will use her rear legs to insert it inside herself if she is in the mood and then 24 hours later she will lay the eggs.

You can usually tell the female has fertilised herself as she will swim around the tank acting very frustrated.

Once the female begin laying eggs this can take well over 24 hours to complete and then she will be very exhausted and very hungry so make sure you feed her well. She will eat a lot of food afterwards.

The only downside to this now is that you will have to seperate the male and female from now on as they will constantly mate and that will reduce her energy but also her life span and you dont really want to kill her do you?

Every time she lays eggs she can lose one year of her life, so mating them all the time reduces her life span. The males however are not affected by this.

Below is an image of the sperm.
The Axolotl Mating Dance
Is it a Fish? NO,   Is it a Reptile? NO,   Is it a Tadpole? NO......What is it?, It's an Axolotl
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